Recording a song or an album can be a very personal journey for an artist or band.

We have often heard stories about bands or artists who have put everything of themselves into their songs, Only to be informed that they have to record the way their told or change some of their sounds or lyrics without the necessary understanding of ‘WHY’.

We like to work along side of the band or artist, To help them on their journey from an idea to a final product.

Communication and a mutual understanding of the needs for the project, To us is a necessary element. Keeping the artist or band involved every step and verifying each step of the project to ensure a quality result at the completion of the song or album.

We offer Recording, Editing, Mixing and Basic Mastering services.
Bands, Artists, Voice overs, ADR, and most other recording requirements.

Highlander Celtic Rock Band


Ray Ramon

Hayley Bannon